The Best Season of the Year to Conceive

There are four seasons out there and out of them you might want and will consider conceiving your baby in spring. Here is the reason why; carrying a baby in high temperatures can be very uncomfortable. Many women choose to conceive during spring because it is much easier to handle when it’s milder outside.  Spring is a good option to conceive because the main cold and flu season went by already, so both of you and your little one will be less likely to pick up something during the very early weeks. As spring turns to summer and summer to fall, there will be plenty to keep you on your toes as your bump grows.

As some long-awaited sunshine return in spring, you can get some light exercise outdoors such as walking or jogging around your neighbourhood. On top of that, you will have plenty of treats during the spring and summertime, more choices of fruits and vegetable to add in some extra nutrients to your little one. During the spring season, the air is the perfect mix of humid and cool without being overly dry or hot which can help a pregnant lady to reduce their nausea. Moreover, according to studies, spring babies are known as the most intelligent babies.

The spring has sprung so why don’t you start planning your pregnancy, with the help of acupuncture treatment that may improve blood flow to your ovaries and endometrium which may help to increase the lining thickness of the uterus. If you would like to try our acupuncture treatments and Chinese medicine to assist your pregnancy during the springtime, feel free to give Dr Christine Cui Clinic a call at (03) 9820 8651 or send us an email through