Breech Baby


Breech Baby with Acupuncture

Acupuncture can beneficial for expectant mothers who want their baby in a head down position. According to a survey, 3-4% women have breech presentations. This means the baby’s head is not presenting as in the head has not turned downward. Therefore, it is necessary by week 34 that women should start doing acupuncture to avoid the breech presentation while there is still room to move before it turns into a stable position in week 36. After week 36, obstetricians usually recommend using caesarean section.

There is research which showed a beneficial effect of using acupuncture-type intervention to induce correction of a breech baby. (Source: here )

Overall, Acupuncture has many benefits not only before pregnancy but throughout the pregnancy. From the first time, an expectant mother conceives until the birth of the baby. It is recommended that women in the first trimester to have regular acupuncture treatments as this is a very fragile state and acupuncture combines with Chinese herbal medicine can strengthen the uterus lining and avoid miscarriage.

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