Labour Induction



pregnant woman

Acupuncture may be beneficial for women in their third trimester. Firstly, we encourage women to do acupuncture, it may improve natural labour instead of going through an induction process (ie. by rupturing the amniotic sac). Hence, preparing the perineum and assisting in cervical ripening for natural labour. This is usually strongly recommended for the expectant mothers who have overdue date pregnancy.  (Source:

Secondly, acupuncture may promote the delivery of a retained placenta. It may stimulate relevant hormones such as; prostaglandin and oxytocin for natural induction labour. According to a study, acupuncture has successfully assisted 88%of women studied in inducing their overdue labour.

From our clinical record, there are many pregnant women had successfully given birth after a couple of acupuncture therapies. Acupuncture is a good supplement for pain relief methods, therefore it may reduce pain intensity in labour. Dr Christine Cui also suggests Chinese herbal medicine complementing conventional medical treatment use to nourish the well-being of the pregnant women and baby.

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