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About Dr Christine Cui

Dr Christine Cui

Dr Christine Cui has a PhD degree in Chinese Medicine (Gynaecology) from the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine in China (2015).

Dr Cui is a registered Chinese medicine practitioner with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), an accredited member of the Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association Ltd (AACMA) and of the Federation of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Societies of Australia Ltd (FCMA).

In 1999, Dr Cui established the Women’s Health Clinic at 517 St Kilda Road, Melbourne. Dr Christine Cui complements the treatment you receive from your Reproductive Endocrinologist or Obstetrics/Gynaecologist and works hand-in-hand with your GP to ensure that you are receiving integrative care.

Over the last 20 years, Dr Cui has helped the Melbourne community with both general health concerns and women’s health issues using Traditional Chinese Medicine approaches of  Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

Dr Christine Cui has a special interest in supporting natural fertility and women’s health and well being.

Dr. Cui emphasises traditional Chinese working in conjunction with western medicine, for the most effective results. Dr. Cui's experience is extensive having practised in both China and Australia for over 20 years and continuing to study and professionalise continually. Chinese herbal medicine and Acupuncture provide a natural, drug-free and highly effective way of addressing a range of women’s health issues and restoring a woman’s mental, physical and emotional balance. (Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3962314/)

Discover more about our range of services by contacting our team. Make an appointment by calling (03) 9820 8651 and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and arrange a consultation. You can also leave your details in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

About Dr. Nai-Li Chen

Dr Christine Cui

Registered Acupuncturist

Registered Chinese herbal medicine practitioner

Registered Chinese herbal dispenser

Bachelor of Medicine (China)

40 years clinical experience (6 of these in practising Western Medicine)

Member of FCMA

Member of WFCM

Dr. Chen began learning Chinese medicine in China from her father at the age of 16. Her father Chen Bo-Xian was one of the most renowned Chinese herbal medicine practitioners in China with nearly 60 years experience. She later underwent formal Chinese medicine training and gained her bachelor's degree in China. She had learnt from and assisted her father in his busy Chinese medicine practice in her spare time for 15 years in China before coming to Australia in 1990.

Influenced by her mother, a doctor of western medicine, she also completed Western medicine training at Shandong Medical University, China, in 1984 and worked as a physician (medical doctor specialising in internal medicine) for 6 years in China before coming to Australia in1990.

She has also spent 4 years learning from and working with 2 local Naturopaths, one of them with 40 year of experience.

After working for a Chinese medicine clinic in Melbourne for 4 years she established her own clinic-Mt Gambier Chinese Medical Centre SA in April 1995.

After she had successfully run her clinic for 24 years in South Australia, she had sold her business in later 2018 and moved back to Melbourne to live. Now she is a semi retiree and has been working in the clinic since Feb.2020

She has special interests in helping people managing the following conditions:

  • Woman who has difficulty to conceive (infertility caused by man and/or woman).
  • Hormone imbalances including menstruation problems, menopausal symptoms, thyroid dysfunction, adrenal gland hormone and insulin imbalances etc.
  • Weight Loss and metabolic syndrome
  • Digestive system complains such as reflux, irritable bowel, constipation, diarrhoea, abdominal pain and bloating, liver and gall bladder dysfunction, leaking gut etc.
  • Skin and allergy conditions such as skin rash, itching skin, eczema, allergies especially food allergies and intolerances etc.
  • Immune system imbalances such as auto immune diseases, low immunity etc.
  • Emotional problems such as anxiousness, depressed mood, stress, anger, irritability, headache, migraine, dizziness and sleeplessness
  • Vitality, Longevity & Anti-ageing (VLA) program including Health Assessment
  • Qi (energy) and blood deficiency and stagnation, Yin and Yang imbalances
  • Muscular, tendon, ligament, joint, nerve pains


Young Pui Shan
Young Pui Shan (Samantha)

Samantha is our amazing practice manager and has been with us right from the birth of the practice.

Samantha brings a wealth of experience to a role that demands an understanding of the level of service our patients expect, and what we need as a practice to consistently deliver that service. This ensures the smooth running of the entire clinic on a daily basis, and at the same time, ensuring our patients have an exceptional experience during their visits.

Prior to “Dr. Christine Cui Clinic” Samantha has worked in various roles, with experience in customer service, administration, and client coordination within the construction industry. She is passionate about ensuring that all our patients experience the highest level of customer service when visiting our practice.

Natasha Wijaya
Natasha Wijaya

Natasha is the newest addition to the team at Dr Christine Cui's clinic. As the receptionist, she will try her best in assisting all patients’ needs.

Natasha is an Engineering graduate developing exceptional strengths in critical problem solving, organizational structure and management. She always has an eagerness for new challenges and learning. Her previous work experiences demonstrate the ability to liaise with customers and work as part of a diverse team to meet objectives. 

Evangelia Praresti
Evangelia Praresti

Evangelia is our amazing employee who has been with the Dr Christine Cui practice since 2015.

Evangelia always tries her best for the patients and allocating each patients’ appointments according to their needs and expectations. She is an excellent information source regarding the practice whenever new patients make a telephone inquiry or come in and visit. Her passion & care for children has enabled her to entertain and accompany patients’ children with ease so that their mother or parent can attend their consultation without interruption. She also excels in administration and customer service.