P.C.O.S treatment at our Melbourne clinic

Melbourne Acupuncture for Treatment of PCOS

P.C.O.S treatment at our Melbourne clinic

As a hormonal disorder that affects around 5-10% of women that are in childbearing age, PCOS is usually characterised by symptoms that feature above-average levels of male hormones in the bloodstream. As a result, cysts that are filled with fluid develop inside the ovaries, often leading to polycystic ovarian syndrome and the interruption of the menstrual cycle. Women who experience this often find they have irregular or absent periods, and in extreme cases, infertility. (Source:  Click Here )


PCOS treatment from a highly qualified and experienced practitioner

PCOS treatment at our Melbourne clinic is conducted by Dr Cui, who is exceptionally qualified to treat women with this condition. In most cases, acupuncture is extremely effective for more minor cases that don’t include severe health concerns. This treatment can also help to relieve symptoms relating to weight gain, tension, headaches and uncomfortable bloating.

For Melbourne women experiencing these symptoms, our management can assist in stimulating the reproductive system and organs to positively influence surrounding blood flow. Thus, it can be evident that Acupuncture, in collaboration with Chinese herbal medicine, may enhance ovulation and improve fertility rates in those who suffer from PCOS. (Source: Click Here)

Teenage girls and PCOS management in Melbourne

P.C.O.S treatment at our Melbourne clinic

Of the up to 10% of women suffering from PCOS in Melbourne and across the country, teenage girls make up a large part, perhaps as high as 50% according to recent research. More often than not, Western medicine often uses the birth control pill as adolescent PCOS treatment, which can have long-term side effects, impacting fertility, as well as the other well-known health issues.

Dr Christine Cui believes acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine offer alternative management for teenagers, avoiding the potential side effects of taking the birth control pill from an early age.

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