Male Infertility


The role of acupuncture in male fertility is very essential as it will increase the sperms count as well as improving the quality of the sperms (motility, numbers, and shape). Over the past decade, male infertility has been known to be responsible for couples with difficulty in conceiving. According to a study, there was 87% of sperms were rejected from the sperm bank, meaning only 13% accepted due to the low quality of sperms. (Source: Click Here)

There are many other alternatives for couples to conceive, including IVF or IUI procedures. However, these alternatives are usually expensive and there is no guaranty of success. With Acupuncture, not only it will increase 65% of success rate with IVF acupuncture treatment, but it will increase up to 90% live birth.

In regards to male infertility, acupuncture can increase the number of sperms as well as the quality of sperms; which then leads to successful conception.

The way acupuncture assist couples in conceiving include the following:

Promotes blood flow

Just the same as women, acupuncture can increase blood flow in the pelvic region; it can also promote the circulation of blood to reproductive organs in men. As a result, it will increase oxygen and nutrients through the whole body for reproduction cell improvement (Source: Click Here)

Diminish stress level

Acupuncture can reduce men stress level by stimulating the part of the body that is affected. This includes balancing neurons cells in the brain as well as reproductive organs.

Develop Endocrine System Function

Endocrine system generates hormones that regulate primary functions in the body; which also include reproductive organs. These hormones then promote the body’s growth, metabolism and sexual development and function. Professional acupuncturist can stimulate the correct meridians in the body to boost endocrine function, improve overall wellbeing and increase the chance conceiving.

Other relevant factor

The other factor can also impact male’s infertility is the age factor, not many people aware that men over 40 can have an impact on the difficulty in conceiving. However, sperm quality can be improved with regular consumption of Chinese herbal medicine.

Secondly, it is also recommended that both couples conduct regular acupuncture treatment to boost the chances of conceiving.


According to the research of Quantitative evaluation of spermatozoa ultrastructure after acupuncture treatment for idiopathic male infertility, proved that the quality of the sperms has significantly increased after acupuncture treatment. The result also showed that there is a significant improvement in acrosome position and shape, nuclear shape, axonemal pattern and shape and accessory fibers of sperm organelles (source: “Fertility and Sterility” by Pei J et al Fertil Steril. 2005 Jul;84(1):141-7).

There is further evidence proven from Archives of Andrology by Siterman S et al Arch Androl. 1997 Sep-Oct;39(2):155-61; which also shown that infertile men with abnormal semen analysis can benefit from acupuncture due to improvement in total functional sperm fraction, percentage of viability and motility of sperms after receiving acupuncture treatments.

In both cases, a group of men researched was doing two times a week of acupuncture treatments for five weeks period. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that infertile men should do acupuncture at least two times a week in order to have an effective result.

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