How Acupuncture Can Improve Patients with PCOS

PCOSPolycystic Ovarian Syndrome (P.C.O.S., for short) is a medical condition caused by an imbalance of sex hormones in a woman’s body. This can happen in teenagers as well as adults. One of the primary symptoms includes irregular menstruation for those suffering from PCOS. However, the symptoms can vary because it is an endocrine disorder; which is caused by irregularities of the core hormonal glands that regulate and maintain internal equilibrium or homeostasis.  What is common though, is an increased risk of developing a number of serious diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, cancers of the uterus and the reproductive system, and especially, infertility.

The Public Health Association of Australia estimates that 10 to 12% of the Australian female population – meaning about 1.5 million women – suffer from P.C.O.S, and other studies put the range even higher – at around 12 to 21%. And while there isn’t a cure, there are many ways to treat and control the seriousness of P.C.O.S. as it relates to infertility.

Acupuncture and PCOS

Acupuncture in the ancient art of Chinese medicine has played an important role in treating P.C.O.S. in women, by helping regulate menstrual cycles and bringing the female body back in sync with itself. Unlike allopathic drugs, which focus purely on breaking the cycle of infertility and provide uniform, one-size-fits-all treatments, acupunctural therapy for P.C.O.S. can be tailored to each woman’s unique hormonal levels, however minute they might be.

Gentle Healing Needles

As paradoxical as it may seem, acupuncture’s gentle needles – both the traditional and the electro kind – are considered some of the best alternative treatments for infertility caused by P.C.O.S. Because one of the main reasons for this kind of infertility is the production of higher-than-normal levels of male hormones like testosterone in the female body, the key to increasing fertility is to reduce the levels of androgens in a woman’s body.

And acupuncture does just that. By limiting the activity of the sympathetic nervous system – the primal part of your body that controls the famous flight-or-fight mechanism, leading to the production of hormones like testosterone – acupunctural therapy helps soothe and heal the hormonal system into producing less fighting hormones and more reproductive ones like estrogen, which help enhance a woman’s fertility cycle – mainly ovulation and menstruation.

Combining Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

The best part about acupuncture is that it can be used simultaneously with other forms of medicine – including traditional Chinese herbs.

Chinese medicine can enhance regular menstruation for women with PCOS.

recent medical paper, for instance, lists a number of traditional Chinese herbs that can be used to treat infertility and P.C.O.S. in women – and almost all of them can be used in conjunction with acupuncture.

Many Roads to a Better Quality of Life

By pinpointing the specific imbalances in a woman’s body, acupuncture is a long-lasting treatment for infertility due to P.C.O.S. – all without the harmful side-effects of traditional allopathic drugs like birth control pills. It is a self-sustaining method that allows the body to heal itself back into the rhythm of reproduction, helping women everywhere live long and fulfilling lives.d

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