Uterine Fibroids

Uterine fibroids are solid muscle tissue growths in the uterus, also called fibroid tumors, myomas, or leiomyomas. It is a noncancerous tumor, however the presence of it could lead to severe pains and difficult to conceive for some women. Therefore, it is necessary to seek professional acupuncturist who specialises in gynaecology issues to help shrink the uterine fibroids.

The majority of the time (80%) the size of fibroids can be as small as a walnut and found in approximately 20% of women over 35. The cause of fibroids is unknown, but usually it appears after menopause fibroid disappears. The level of estrogen in women is the main factor that promotes growth of fibroid in women’s body.

The symptoms that women need to watch out for include, low back ache, urinary frequency, pain with vaginal penetration, severe menstrual pain and trouble to conceive.

How Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can treat Fibroids

Acupuncture can shrink the presence of fibroids in women’s bodies and eliminate the symptoms caused by Fibroids.

In some cases, women who received acupuncture treatments for consecutive 3 months managed to shrink the uterine fibroids in their body. The result was more effective with the help of regular exercise and Chinese herbal medicine consumption.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that the causes of fibroids include spleen Qi insignificancy, yin deficiency and blood stasis, liver qi stagnation; which caused an obstruction in blood flow. Acupuncture treatments combine with TCM will remove obstructions to the blood flow in the pelvic region and restores the hormone imbalances in the body.

Chinese medicine helps to restore the blood flow in the pelvic region. When use together with Acupuncture, not only it will reduce the size of fibroids, it will eliminate the fibroids completely in some cases. The other positive effects include regular menstrual cycle, lower FSH level, improve ovarian production, improve fertility, create better egg quality and hence create the chance of conception.

Acupuncture is also recommended in treating uterine fibroids to stimulate the blood flow in the pelvic region. This stimulation can then induce the regression of pathologic proliferating cells locally. It can also prevent local overgrowth of regenerating fibroid cells by balancing the estrogen hormone.

There are two important hormones that play important role in enhancing the chance of being fertile. These two hormones include:

1. Folicle-stimulating Hormone (FSH) : this hormone stimulates the growth of ovarian follicles in the ovary prior to releasing egg during ovulation phase. FSH is preparing the egg to be released.

2. Luteinizing Hormone (LH) : this hormone will produce oestradiol (female sex hormone) in the first week of the cycle and then will release egg (mature oocyte) from ovary at the second half of the cycle. In short, LH has a function in the actual egg release.

The interplay between these two hormones (LH, FSH) is the essence for woman to conceive. If these two hormones are imbalance there are two conditions that make women becoming infertile. The following conditions include:

  • Pre-menopause: if the FSH in comparison to LH is too high, then AMH will be low due to eggs being released at faster rate.
  • Polycyctic ovaries: if LH is too high in comparison to FSH, then there will be PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). As a result, ovarian reserve (AMH) will be high and eggs will not be released.

Acupuncture treatments can balance the interplay between these two hormones and hence assisting women who have these two conditions to conceive.

Dr Christine Cui is a professional acupuncturist who specialises on gynaecological issues and expert in handling women with P.C.O.S, Endometriosis and fibroids. It is recommended for those who have fibroids to have acupuncture treatment for at least once a week to have an effective result.

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