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Do the chances for success increase or decrease with repeated attempts IVF?

ivfThe statistic estimated that 1 in every 6 couples around the world suffer from infertility in around the world. The diagnosis of infertility could be devastating for most of the couples. However, there is good news. There are many ways to overcome infertility. One of the most well-known ones nowadays is IVF ( In-Vitro Fertilization)

IVF process starts with fertility drugs being injected to stimulate woman’s ovaries. Eggs are then collected from the woman through day surgery procedure. Next, they will be fertilised and matured. Egg and sperm will be placed in a dish in order for the fertilization to occur. One more embryos may be transferred to the uterus, others can be frozen to be transferred later.

Increase chances with repeated attempts of IVF

Recently, Medical Journal of Australia released a report that shows data from 56,652 women starting IVF treatment for the first time who went through 120,930 IVF cycles between 2009 and 2014. They excluded women who used donated eggs and embryos, The report was based on two measures; the live-birth and the cumulative live-birth rate for each consecutive IVF cycle. These women completed up to 8 cycles of IVF treatment.

The results showed that in overall, women who started IVF, 33% of them had a baby after the first cycle, and the percentage went up to 54-77% by the eighth cycle. However, the rate varied with the age of the women and number of IVF cycles performed beforehand. The cumulative live-birth rate did continue to increase along with repeated cycles. And, it has to be noted down that this is just a population estimate, and every couple condition is different (i.e body fat percentage, ovarian reserve level, etc).

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to support IVF success

Acupuncture can help assist women in losing weight as body fat percentage could affect fertility, It will also help rejuvenate some oocyte characteristics that will enhance the delivery of nutrition to egg development.

Acupuncture stimulates certain points in the body to supply sufficient blood flow in the pelvic region, and along with Chinese medicine, nourishment will be provided to egg, thus increasing the quality of the egg. Sperm quality can also be improved by acupuncture, as it increases blood flow through blood vessels in testes thus improving the flow of nutrients to sperm, increasing sperm vitality.

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IVF 101: Everything You Need To Know About In Vitro Fertilization

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More and more people are considering IVF as their solution for getting pregnant. We are here to help you make the best decision regarding your circumstances and also inform you the essential things that IVF can do. Here in Australia, IVF is quite expensive, per treatment usually will cost you around $10,000. However, the Australian government is kind enough to give you 50% rebate for your IVF treatments for their citizens.

Since it is very important for couples who would like to conceive, we would like to let you know things that you need to know about In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) before making any decision.

Firstly, IVF is currently the most highly-successful Assisted Reproductive Technologies.  According to the data collected by IVF Australia, the results shown as follow:

As you can see the percentage falls drastically for women age 40 years and above. For women under 30 years there is 40% live birth, whereas women after 40 are around 11%. However, don’t be discouraged because there are other traditional alternatives such as Acupuncture that will increase the chance of conception.

Secondly, there are three basic principles of IVF, these include the following:

  • Removal of eggs from the ovary
  • Eggs fertilization in the laboratory
  • Subsequent placement of the resulting embryos in the uterus.

The process of transferring embryo back to the mother’s womb is very critical. It is important for the embryo to be placed in a correct location and therefore choosing the right professional IVF provider is very essential. Dr Christine Cui has a large network connection with IVF specialists; she can assist couples to a suitable IVF Doctor for consultation, since she has worked in conjunction with an IVF clinic for over 20 years.

Thirdly, if you want to consider IVF, you will need to be prepared for plenty of injections. The first step of IVF will require suppression of woman’s natural menstrual cycle, usually called ovarian stimulation. You will then need to give yourself shots up to three times daily. Once eggs are fully matured, they will be retrieved in 34-36 hours after HCG injection.

Fourthly, in order for couple to enhance the chance of getting conceive, it is also highly recommended that you would seek acupuncture professionals to boost the chance of pregnancy. According to British survey, acupuncture can increase woman’s chance of conception by 65% and improve the likeliness of live birth by 91%. This is of course depends on each individual as everyone has different conditions and circumstances.

Dr Cui also recommend that acupuncture combined with Chinese herbal medicine can improve the quality of eggs, reduce stress level, increase blood supply to pelvic area as well as increase the chance of getting pregnant.
Furthermore, there are many factors that you could consider before taking IVF treatments. One of them includes a pre-conception treatment that is provided by Dr Christine Cui via acupuncture treatments. It is necessary, because it will prepare the body to produce good quality eggs and sperms as well as balancing the female hormones. Secondly, the success rate of IVF also depends on sperms count and sperm quality. Thirdly, it depends on how thick lining of the uterus. Lastly, different standards use in the labs can affect the success rate of IVF.

Dr Cui is highly trained in fertility for over 20 years and she definitely can help you decide whether or not IVF is the right treatment for you.


IVF Acupuncture Support Melbourne


The Effectiveness of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine

IVF Support combined with Acupuncture is a necessary treatment for women who aim of trying to increase their chance of having a successful pregnancy. Acupuncture is also called a complementary or adjuvant therapy, and has been been used by many people to improve their physical and emotional health/wellbeing.

Dr Cui believes that acupuncture combine with Chinese herbal medicine can further improve the chance of being pregnant and have good quality eggs. A British survey also mentioned that acupuncture can increase woman’s chance of pregnancy by 65% and improve the likeliness of live birth by 91%.

There are many people who attempt IVF treatment because it is one of options that offer a high success rate of having a successful pregnancy. However, multiple treatments may be required to achieve the desired results. Therefore, Acupuncture combine with herbal medicine plays a significant role in achieving a successful pregnancy via IVF treatment as it improves the quality of eggs and the thickness of uterine lining.

Quality of Sperms

Acupuncture can not only improve quality of eggs, it will also improve the quantity and quality of sperm which can also affect the successful chance of pregnancy via IVF treatment. Hence, acupuncture is not only for women but also recommended for men.

How many times should you do Acupuncture?

It is strongly recommended that for those who intend to do IVF treatment to do acupuncture throughout the whole IVF process, this is include:

– Prior to Starting your IVF Cycle (Once a week)
– During the stimulation phase
– Acupuncture before and after egg collection
– One day prior/on the day of the Embryo on Transfer (within 24 hr)
– One day after/on the day of the Embryo Transfer (within 24 hr)
– Once or twice a week until the blood test result confirm
– Once a week during the 1st trimester of pregnancy

Do I need Chinese Herbal Medicine ?

chinese herbal medicine

In addition to acupuncture treatment, Dr Cui also recommends the use of Chinese herbal medicine as it is proven that Chinese herbal medicine can be very effective. There is research to support this fact in the following articles:

      • Ried K, Stuart K. Efficacy of traditional Chinese herbal medicine in the management of female infertility: a systematic review. Complementary Therapies in Medicine 2011; 19(6): 319-331, by PubMed Health, said that:

“ Our review suggests that management of female infertility with Chinese Herbal Medicine can improve pregnancy rates 2-fold within a 4 month period compared with Western Medical fertility drug therapy or IVF. Assessment of the quality of the menstrual cycle, integral to TCM diagnosis, appears to be fundamental to successful treatment of female infertility. “ (

• Inoue T et al, OJOG, Vol. 3, No. 1A (2013) of Open Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology

“the oocyte development rate was significantly higher (58.0%) after herbal medicine intake than before (32.5%; p = 0.0003). Moreover, the successful pregnancy rate was significantly higher after intake than before (6.9% versus 0%; p = 0.0111). Herbal medicine may constitute a useful adjunct to assisted reproductive technology in women.” (


Benefits of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine

In conclusion, Acupuncture combine with Chinese herbal medicine for IVF support can have benefits as follows:
• Improve quality of eggs and the thickness of the uterine lining and the follicle development
• Increase number of sperms and improve quality of sperms
• Assist the chance of having successful IVF treatment
• Boost health and well being
• Nourishing the body and reduce stress level
• Promote regular menstrual cycle
• Develop pregnancy rates up to 2-fold within 4 months compared with Western Medical fertility drug
• Enhance circulation and blood supply to uterus and ovaries (Magarelli, PC, D Cridennda, M Cohen. Fertil Steril. 2009 Dec;92(6):1870-9 Fertility and Sterility)