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Lifestyle and Fertility

imagesAbout 10 to 15 percent of the couples in the world suffer from infertility. Lifestyle factors play an important role in fertility. Lifestyle factors are ways of life and modifiable habits that can influence one’s well-being and health, which includes fertility.

Lifestyle factors could include; weight, psychological stress, smoking, alcohol and caffeine consumption, etc. One should consider changing the bad lifestyle habits prior conceiving a child. We will look at how lifestyle factors could affect one’s fertility.


It is shown that ovulation is heavily affected by excess body weight. Recently, a study also shows that excess weight also decreases the chance of pregnancy, and increases the probability of experiencing a miscarriage. Having an unhealthy weight can cause hormonal imbalances and create a problem in ovulation. It is the same with men, obese men are 3 times more susceptible to reduced quality of sperm.

It is suggested that before you attempt for conception, to exercise regularly, even it is as simple as walking for 30—45 minutes a day or swapping sugary drinks and alcohol for water.

If you are currently pregnant, maintaining healthy weight gain is also very important, as excessive weight gain is linked with a number of pregnancy complications; high blood pressure, blood clotting, gestational diabetes, and risk of miscarriages. And also, babies born to overweight mothers have increased risk of long-term health problems, and obesity in the future. Trying to lose weight during pregnancy is not recommended, as it will negatively affect the IQ level and the growth of the baby. However, it is definitely possible for the overweight women to gain less pregnancy weight than women with a normal weight with, without affecting the offspring,\


Stress is one of the most well-known conditions in societies nowadays. It could be physical, social or psychological. Moreover, nowadays, women also work not any less than men, pursuing a career, dream, and financial stability. While there is nothing wrong with that, stress that is resulted from shouldn’t be ignored.

Infertility itself could result in stress as well. It could take place in different forms, such as; societal pressure from family and other people, failures, treatments, diagnosis, etc.

In a research, it was shown that women who scored the highest level of stress had ovulated 20% less eggs than those who were less stressed.

Acupuncture and counselling are proven to help reduce the symptoms of stress and helped improve depression, anxiety and stress. A study from University of York consisted of 755 people with moderate to severe depression, concluded that both acupuncture and counselling have lowered down the depression scale from an average of 16 out of 27, to 9 for acupuncture and 11 for counselling. Secondly,  it is scientifically proven that acupuncture combined with five elements of music could reduce the severity of depression in female patients, according to NCBI publication.


Cigarette contains more than 4000 chemicals in it and the effects are associated with a number of potential health complications such as cardiovascular diseases, lung cancer, and also a possible decrease chance in infertility.

Men who smoke tend to have lower total sperm count, motility, density, normal morphology, and lower semen volume. In women, research showed that reduced ovarian reserve is higher in women who smoked than in non-smokers women with the same age, and similar fertilization and pregnancy rates. It is highly recommended to stop smoking prior to preparing to conceive, and also during pregnancy, as it may lead to miscarriage.


Sources of caffeine vary from tea, filtered coffee, to energy drinks. Australia citizens are known with their love for coffee, especially here, in Melbourne. While drinking coffee is enjoyable, the amount of caffeine consumption should be closely monitored as it may affect the fertility rate.

The women who miscarried or had a stillbirth in their study had an average of 145 mg of caffeine per day, and women who had live births consumed an average of 103 mg per day, indicating that there may be a narrow window for caffeine to impact fertility.


Nowadays, almost everyone has their cell phone on them at all times. The time spent on the screen has also increased dramatically over the years. It is true that cell phone has increased the effectiveness of the communication system these days. However, it does not come without negative effects.

A number of studies have shown negative effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic waves (RFEMW) created by cell phones on fertility. The usage of cell phone has also been associated with decreases in progressive motility of sperm, its viability, and sperm count, and an increase in abnormal sperm morphology. One study evaluating 52 men demonstrated that men who carried a cell phone around the belt line or hip region were more likely to have decreased sperm motility compared to men who carried their cell phones elsewhere or who did not carry one at all.


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Do the chances for success increase or decrease with repeated attempts IVF?

ivfThe statistic estimated that 1 in every 6 couples around the world suffer from infertility in around the world. The diagnosis of infertility could be devastating for most of the couples. However, there is good news. There are many ways to overcome infertility. One of the most well-known ones nowadays is IVF ( In-Vitro Fertilization)

IVF process starts with fertility drugs being injected to stimulate woman’s ovaries. Eggs are then collected from the woman through day surgery procedure. Next, they will be fertilised and matured. Egg and sperm will be placed in a dish in order for the fertilization to occur. One more embryos may be transferred to the uterus, others can be frozen to be transferred later.

Increase chances with repeated attempts of IVF

Recently, Medical Journal of Australia released a report that shows data from 56,652 women starting IVF treatment for the first time who went through 120,930 IVF cycles between 2009 and 2014. They excluded women who used donated eggs and embryos, The report was based on two measures; the live-birth and the cumulative live-birth rate for each consecutive IVF cycle. These women completed up to 8 cycles of IVF treatment.

The results showed that in overall, women who started IVF, 33% of them had a baby after the first cycle, and the percentage went up to 54-77% by the eighth cycle. However, the rate varied with the age of the women and number of IVF cycles performed beforehand. The cumulative live-birth rate did continue to increase along with repeated cycles. And, it has to be noted down that this is just a population estimate, and every couple condition is different (i.e body fat percentage, ovarian reserve level, etc).

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to support IVF success

Acupuncture can help assist women in losing weight as body fat percentage could affect fertility, It will also help rejuvenate some oocyte characteristics that will enhance the delivery of nutrition to egg development.

Acupuncture stimulates certain points in the body to supply sufficient blood flow in the pelvic region, and along with Chinese medicine, nourishment will be provided to egg, thus increasing the quality of the egg. Sperm quality can also be improved by acupuncture, as it increases blood flow through blood vessels in testes thus improving the flow of nutrients to sperm, increasing sperm vitality.

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The Role of Enzymes in Fertility

What are Enzymes?

Enzymes are biological molecules that catalyse or speed up the rate of chemical reactions. Enzymes are important as they are needed in order for a chemical reaction to occur at rates sufficient for life.

Concentration and strength of enzymes in the bodies affects the ability of the bodies to repair injuries, repel disease and sustain body’s homeostasis.  Lack of supply of systemic enzymes will result in impairment in digestion, scar tissue, poor reproduction, respiration and blood coagulation.

Types and benefits of enzymes

Some enzymes play an important role in acting as anti-inflammatory agent, which help to break down substances in blood that cause inflammation and infection. This is important as fertility issues, such as endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and uterine fibroids are caused some examples of chronic inflammation. The examples of these enzymes are serratiopeptidase (serrapeptase) and bromelain.

Other enzymes help breaking down fibrin, the substance that builds up scar tissue. Scar tissue is caused by various reasons, such as pelvic surgery, damage to fallopian tubes, uterine fibroids,etc.

Amylase is an enzyme which breaks down carbohydrates, and assists in regulating blood glucose levels. It is crucial in promoting healthy blood and environment within female reproductive organs, therefore is important to achieve healthy fertility.

How to increase enzymes?

Enzymes could be found both in fresh fruits and also in supplements.

Fruits like papaya, pineapple, mango and bananas contain enzymes to aid in breaking down of substances.

Pineapples contain Bromelain, which helps to break down proteins into amino acids.

Papaya contains Papain, which aids in reducing symptoms such as IBS and bloating.

Mango contains Amylase, which helps to break down complex carbohydrates into simple sugars. This will optimize digestion and absorption of nutrients in the body.

As cooking destroys enzymes, consuming more fresh fruits will be helpful. When supplemental enzymes are taken, the enzymes will signal the pancreas to lighten production. This will result in the ‘unused’ pancreatic enzymes to be allocated to other needs in the body through the blood system.

Together with the consumption of herbal medicine, enzymes will help break the herbs into the fundamental building blocks to be used by the body efficiently, helping the spleen to do its job. This will help the body to gain Qi and balance. Hence, increasing the chance of fertility.


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How acupuncture can improve DHEA hormones without taking supplements?

What is DHEA?

DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is a steroid hormone produced by your body’s adrenal glands. It’s located just above the kidney. DHEA hormones are responsible as precursor to male and female sex hormones (ie. estrogen and testosterone). It can also improve brain function, protect heart and has anti-aging properties.

There is no doubt that DHEA has many benefits for the body. Those benefits include:

  1. Improve fertility rate
  2. Protect the heart
  3. Improve brain function, hence better memory
  4. Boosts estrogen and testosterone levels
  5. Lower insulin resistance
  6. May help in losing weight
  7. Improves sleep
  8. Protects muscles
  9. Relieve pains from menopause
  10. Improve bone health

Many people choose to take DHEA supplements so that they can improve their sex drive, increase pregnancy rate and even losing weight. However, before you take these supplements it is important to know what the side effects are.

For your information, if you need to take DHEA supplements in Australia, it is a prescription-only medication and therefore you will need to consult your doctor.

Side effects of DHEA

The side effects of taking DHEA supplements include the following:

  • Hair loss for women
  • Facial hair in women
  • Disruption in women’s menstrual cycle
  • High blood pressure
  • Fatigue
  • Oily skin and acne
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Might cause cancer, such as prostate cancer, breast cancer and ovarian cancer

The recommended dosage for women is 25 milligrams per day whereas for men it could be up to 50 milligrams. Taking more than 50 milligrams is strongly not recommended as this will increase the chance of getting cancer. You need to understand that there is another way to increase DHEA levels than taking supplements.   Acupuncture can definitely enhance the level of your DHEA.

Acupuncture and DHEA

Considering the side effects above, it is recommended that you should try to improve DHEA hormones by doing traditional approach such as Acupuncture. Acupuncture in conjunction with Chinese medicine can improve kidney function and release DHEA hormones naturally. This will also affect fertility level in couples.

What can Acupuncture do in relation to DHEA?

Acupuncture can help women with high FSH or low AMH levels and also had multiple miscarriages due to chromosomal abnormalities.  This means that the level of DHEA will increase and also help improving egg quality in women.

Furthermore, IVF acupuncture treatments have also been proven to improve fertility levels and increase numbers of eggs retrieved and fertilised.  It is recommended to do IVF Acupuncture treatments 3- 4 months prior to an IVF cycle.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can support the maturation of female eggs. It helps the eggs develop by increasing the blood flow to the pelvic region, uterus and ovaries.  Hence; acupuncture can improve fertility in couples and increase the chance of live birth.

Acupuncture can reduce stress and improve quality of sleep which results in balancing male and female hormones as well as better eggs quality.  It usually takes around three months for you to see the change in FSH and egg quality.

Acupuncture can also reduce the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. Many have testified that acupuncture in combination with Chinese medicine can relieve symptoms such as hot flashes and reduce stress level.  It also helps to regulate your menstrual cycle and improve kidney system in your body. It is recommended to take acupuncture treatment for at least once per week.

In conclusion, DHEA is significant in improving fertility in couples as well as to protect your heart. However, due to the side effects of taking DHEA supplements it is strongly recommended that you should try Acupuncture first before taking any supplement. It has been proven that acupuncture in conjunction with Chinese medicine can improve DHEA levels and boost production of testosterone and estrogen hormones in the body. Hence, increase the pregnancy rates in couples.


Other Alternatives to IVF

Fertility specialists usually recommend couples who want to conceive to try other alternatives first before going for IVF. Not only IVF procedures can be very expensive but it also takes lots of effort and can be painful. This article will discuss other alternatives to IVF for couples who want to get pregnant.

What are the alternatives out there other than IVF?

  1. Acupuncture

acupunctureAcupuncture is one of the best traditional procedures that couple use for getting pregnant. Nowadays, it has been proven by research that acupuncture is very effective in preparing couples toward IVF or natural pregnancy. Acupuncture will enhance blood flow to the uterus and increase beta-endorphin levels in the body. It will also improve the quality of semen as well as eggs. Acupuncture normalises the dysfunction of Hypothalamus Pituitary (Ovarian Axis), which then enhances ovarian function and creates more follicles and improves egg production.

Acupuncture for fertility treatments can also regulate menstruation, improve ovarian function, reduce stress and balance the endocrine system.

Dr Christine is specialised in acupuncture for fertility for over 25 years now. It is recommended for a couple who want to get pregnant to try at least 3 months of acupuncture before going to IVF.

  1. IUI (Intrauterine Insemination)

iui-success-ratesAlso called as artificial insemination, is done by placing sperms (partner or donor) through the neck of the womb (ie. cervix) into the woman’s uterus. This procedure is similar to Pap smear and is not painful. It is believed that it would be easier for sperms to reach the egg if it placed inside the uterus.

According to research, the success rate is around 10 to 20% for women with age below 40 in one cycle. If the cycle is increased up to 6 cycles then it could reach up to 80% success rate.

In addition, the cost is much more affordable than IVF. In Australia, IUI is eligible for Medicare rebate. The out of pocket cost will be around $1,901, whereas, in the US, the cost of IUI starts from USD 633. In comparison to IVF which cost around $10,000 per cycle, this could save lots of money for a couple.

  1. Natural herbs or Chinese Medicine (TCM)


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been used for hundreds of years and has been proven effective for couples who want to conceive. It is best to use Chinese medicine in conjunction with acupuncture.  According to the study, when combining IUI with TCM and acupuncture treatment, the success rate of getting pregnant increased to 65.5% in comparison to those who did not receive acupuncture or herbal medicine.

  1. ZIFT and TET (Zygote Intrafallopian Transfer and Tubal Embryo Transfer)


Women will need to undergo controlled ovarian hyper-stimulation using fertility drugs to produce multiple eggs. Then, these eggs are collected as well as male sperms. After fertilisation has taken place in the lab, then the embryo is transferred into the Fallopian tubes. In ZIFT, eggs retrieved and fertilised on one day and transferred the following day; whereas TET gives few more developmental days before it is transferred.

  1. GIFT (Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer)

GiftGIFT follows the same procedures as ZIFT and TET at the beginning stage. However, the sperms and eggs are collected and then mixed together but no effort is made to fertilize the egg in the laboratory. After this, the combined material then placed in catheter via laparoscopy and injected into woman’s fallopian tubes. The couples then hope that the fertilization will happen naturally inside women’s uterus.

Last but not least, it is highly recommended for couples who want to conceive to adopt a healthy lifestyle. This means drinking less alcohol, less coffee, regular exercise and having healthy diet meal plans. You can find many articles on this website that can be used as a reference for your healthy meal plans. Taking acupuncture treatment in conjunction with Chinese herbal medicine is highly recommended as this will boost your immune system, reduce stress as well as increase blood flow to the uterus and improve eggs and sperms quality in the long term.



How Chinese Medicine Enhance Fertility ?

chinese-medicineChinese medicines have been around for more than 2000 years and have improved well-being for so many people around the world. There are so many functions that couple can benefit from Chinese medicine as well. Some of the benefits include the following:

  1. Enhance fertility

The Chinese medicine can improve egg quality of women and therefore enhance fertility level.  As women grow older the egg counts are lower and egg quality may be lower too. Dr Christine can tailor treatments accordingly and give a prescription for the couple who want to conceive.

Furthermore, Improve the conditions of women who experience PCOS, endometriosis and other ovulation problems. Chinese medicine can enhance regular menstruation for women with PCOS. Acupuncture in conjunction with Chinese medicine could manage symptoms of endometriosis, fibroids, UTI, thrush and uterine bleeding. By improving these conditions, as a result, it will increase the chance of getting pregnant.

  1. sleep coupleImprove the quality of sleep

Chinese medicine can also improve the quality of sleep of couples. They have seen some improvement after taking Chinese medicine in the first few weeks.  These couples could sleep better and even reduce blood pressure.

     3. Improve digestion and mental health.

Chinese medicine can improve the spleen function as well as kidney, therefore, it improves digestion and mental health in couples. In TCM, the spleen is the source of qi and blood supply, which responsible for distributing the nutrition and food to all of the body. Deficiency in spleen ‘qi can result in symptoms such as tiredness, loss of appetite, loose stools, abdominal fullness, indigestion, feeling moody and breathlessness.

By having Chinese medicine, your spleen function can improve and the nutrition will be distributed evenly to the whole body. As a result, this will improve your mood, mental health and digestion.

  1. Reduce the severity of cold symptoms

It is common for people to catch a cold and taking medicine during the first trimester is not recommended. Chinese medicine (TCM) is recommended for couples who are in the first trimester or trying to get pregnant. Depending on which stage your cold is, if caught in early stages acupuncture and TCM can be very effective. Chinese medicine in conjunction with acupuncture can improve a couple’s immune system.

For example, in a Wind-Cold attack, acupuncture needles are placed in acupuncture points that eliminate Wind and dispel Cold and in points that could improve symptomatic conditions such as a runny nose and stiff neck. This depends on each individual condition, each diagnosis requires different acupuncture points. For patients with weakened Qi, acupuncture may be used to strengthen the Qi at the same time.

sperm 5.Improve the sperm quality

According to research acupuncture with a conjunction of Chinese medicine can have a promising result of being pregnant. Men infertility account for almost 50% in infertility between couples. Therefore it is significant for men to have both acupuncture and Chinese medicine as well. Chinese medicine can increase the quality of sperm level and improve fertility in men.

   6. Increase blood flow in the pelvic area.

Acupuncture together with Chinese medicine can improve blood flow in the pelvic area and therefore can enhance fertility for couples.  According to research, TCM has promising effects in improving blood rheology, inhibiting aggregation of platelet, forming advanced glycation end products (AGEs), regulating oxidative stress, reducing blood fat, and improving lipid metabolism.  This means, not only a couple will benefit from enhancing fertility, but TCM can also improve condition of patients with diabetes mellitus and will reduce the blood fat.


How Acupuncture Can Improve Patients with PCOS

PCOSPolycystic Ovarian Syndrome (P.C.O.S., for short) is a medical condition caused by an imbalance of sex hormones in a woman’s body. This can happen in teenagers as well as adults. One of the primary symptoms includes irregular menstruation for those suffering from PCOS. However, the symptoms can vary because it is an endocrine disorder; which is caused by irregularities of the core hormonal glands that regulate and maintain internal equilibrium or homeostasis.  What is common though, is an increased risk of developing a number of serious diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, cancers of the uterus and the reproductive system, and especially, infertility.

The Public Health Association of Australia estimates that 10 to 12% of the Australian female population – meaning about 1.5 million women – suffer from P.C.O.S, and other studies put the range even higher – at around 12 to 21%. And while there isn’t a cure, there are many ways to treat and control the seriousness of P.C.O.S. as it relates to infertility.


Acupuncture and PCOS

Acupuncture in the ancient art of Chinese medicine has played an important role in treating P.C.O.S. in women, by helping regulate menstrual cycles and bringing the female body back in sync with itself. Unlike allopathic drugs, which focus purely on breaking the cycle of infertility and provide uniform, one-size-fits-all treatments, acupunctural therapy for P.C.O.S. can be tailored to each woman’s unique hormonal levels, however minute they might be.

Gentle Healing Needles

As paradoxical as it may seem, acupuncture’s gentle needles – both the traditional and the electro kind – are considered some of the best alternative treatments for infertility caused by P.C.O.S. Because one of the main reasons for this kind of infertility is the production of higher-than-normal levels of male hormones like testosterone in the female body, the key to increasing fertility is to reduce the levels of androgens in a woman’s body.

And acupuncture does just that. By limiting the activity of the sympathetic nervous system – the primal part of your body that controls the famous flight-or-fight mechanism, leading to the production of hormones like testosterone – acupunctural therapy helps soothe and heal the hormonal system into producing less fighting hormones and more reproductive ones like estrogen, which help enhance a woman’s fertility cycle – mainly ovulation and menstruation.

Combining Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

The best part about acupuncture is that it can be used simultaneously with other forms of medicine – including traditional Chinese herbs.

Chinese medicine can enhance regular menstruation for women with PCOS.

recent medical paper, for instance, lists a number of traditional Chinese herbs that can be used to treat infertility and P.C.O.S. in women – and almost all of them can be used in conjunction with acupuncture.

Many Roads to a Better Quality of Life

By pinpointing the specific imbalances in a woman’s body, acupuncture is a long-lasting treatment for infertility due to P.C.O.S. – all without the harmful side-effects of traditional allopathic drugs like birth control pills. It is a self-sustaining method that allows the body to heal itself back into the rhythm of reproduction, helping women everywhere live long and fulfilling lives.d

For the past 25  years, Dr Christine has many experiences with patients who suffer from  PCOS. She will prescribe treatment according to each patient’s condition. Please contact Dr. Christine Cui to find a P.C.O.S. treatment approach that suits your lifestyle at:+61 3 9820 8651 or



How spicy food affect infertility ?

Spicy Food affects intertilityIt is important for a couple who would like to conceive to consider a healthy diet. In this case, it is best to consume a different kind of food. There is no doubt that nutrition is essential for your fertility and overall health. It makes big difference in your body and its readiness to sustain a healthy pregnancy. Therefore you need to take good care of what you have to eat for daily consumption and this includes avoiding spicy food.

The following are reasons why spicy foods affecting the fertility and pregnancy:

  1. Spicy food can also increase the contraction for pregnant women. This means that pregnant women must avoid spicy food in their first trimester and last trimester.
  2. Furthermore, spicy foods may affect pregnancy because it causes heartburn in many women. Heartburn is most common in the last trimester, as your growing baby causes stomach acids to push up into the oesophagus.
  3. Spicy foods can cause yin deficiency which leads to poor quality of eggs, therefore can trigger polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).
  4. Although spicy food is mostly safe for the baby, pregnant women need to take consideration if they are allergic to it. This means a healthy pregnant woman without any kind of gastrointestinal (GI) or gastroesophageal issues should be fine eating spicy food.

There are also other considerations that women need to think about spicy foods. These include the following:

  1. Does it make you aggravate morning sickness? Pregnant women usually very sensitive with their smell and have delicate stomach in the first trimester. If this happens, then you should avoid spicy food.
  1. Will it induce heartburn acid reflux?  This means that if you feel heartburn, you should avoid spicy food. Acid reflux results in heartburn, burping/regurgitating, and nausea.
  1. Does it cause Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)?  The symptoms include experience heartburn during the night, have the difficulty breathing, coughing, weight loss and black stool. It may indicate that you have GERD and you should stop eating spicy foods.

Spicy foods, in this case, are not recommended for pregnant women or those who are willing to conceive. It is better to consume a wide variety of food which contains folic acid, protein, low in fat, starches such as white rice and flour. More example of a food with high in protein includes chicken, beans, tofu, fish, peas, kale, broccoli and mushrooms. However, fish with high mercury is not recommended because it linked with fertility issues. Hence, avoid fishes such as; marlin, tilefish, swordfish, shark, king mackerel and bigeye tuna.

In conclusion, spicy foods are to be avoided if you are willing to conceive because it may cause heartburn and increase contraction as well. Dr Christine recommends taking healthy diet, reduce alcohol intake and do regular exercise.


IVF 101: Everything You Need To Know About In Vitro Fertilization

Happy Mother

More and more people are considering IVF as their solution for getting pregnant. We are here to help you make the best decision regarding your circumstances and also inform you the essential things that IVF can do. Here in Australia, IVF is quite expensive, per treatment usually will cost you around $10,000. However, the Australian government is kind enough to give you 50% rebate for your IVF treatments for their citizens.

Since it is very important for couples who would like to conceive, we would like to let you know things that you need to know about In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) before making any decision.

Firstly, IVF is currently the most highly-successful Assisted Reproductive Technologies.  According to the data collected by IVF Australia, the results shown as follow:

As you can see the percentage falls drastically for women age 40 years and above. For women under 30 years there is 40% live birth, whereas women after 40 are around 11%. However, don’t be discouraged because there are other traditional alternatives such as Acupuncture that will increase the chance of conception.

Secondly, there are three basic principles of IVF, these include the following:

  • Removal of eggs from the ovary
  • Eggs fertilization in the laboratory
  • Subsequent placement of the resulting embryos in the uterus.

The process of transferring embryo back to the mother’s womb is very critical. It is important for the embryo to be placed in a correct location and therefore choosing the right professional IVF provider is very essential. Dr Christine Cui has a large network connection with IVF specialists; she can assist couples to a suitable IVF Doctor for consultation, since she has worked in conjunction with an IVF clinic for over 20 years.

Thirdly, if you want to consider IVF, you will need to be prepared for plenty of injections. The first step of IVF will require suppression of woman’s natural menstrual cycle, usually called ovarian stimulation. You will then need to give yourself shots up to three times daily. Once eggs are fully matured, they will be retrieved in 34-36 hours after HCG injection.

Fourthly, in order for couple to enhance the chance of getting conceive, it is also highly recommended that you would seek acupuncture professionals to boost the chance of pregnancy. According to British survey, acupuncture can increase woman’s chance of conception by 65% and improve the likeliness of live birth by 91%. This is of course depends on each individual as everyone has different conditions and circumstances.

Dr Cui also recommend that acupuncture combined with Chinese herbal medicine can improve the quality of eggs, reduce stress level, increase blood supply to pelvic area as well as increase the chance of getting pregnant.
Furthermore, there are many factors that you could consider before taking IVF treatments. One of them includes a pre-conception treatment that is provided by Dr Christine Cui via acupuncture treatments. It is necessary, because it will prepare the body to produce good quality eggs and sperms as well as balancing the female hormones. Secondly, the success rate of IVF also depends on sperms count and sperm quality. Thirdly, it depends on how thick lining of the uterus. Lastly, different standards use in the labs can affect the success rate of IVF.

Dr Cui is highly trained in fertility for over 20 years and she definitely can help you decide whether or not IVF is the right treatment for you.


Four Ways to Combat Hay Fever this Spring

As spring is here, hay-fever-or-cold--how-to-tell-the-difference-136389813945102601-140501164859many people have started experiencing the symptoms of hay fever. Hay fever, which is also known as allergic rhinitis, is caused by the nose or eyes getting contact with allergens; such as pollen, dust mites, or animal hair. It is an allergic reaction , where the immune system perceives the harmless objects as ‘dangerous’ , and therefore producing mucus, as the nasal passages become inflamed.


A lot of people will tend to rely on antihistamines as the quick way out to relieve the hay fever symptoms.  However, studies have shown that antihistamines could affect fertility negatively as it decreases the blood flow to the uterus. Recently, a study shows that over-the-counter (OTC) antihistamines could cause the reduced count of sperm, and its quality, also lower production level of male sexual hormones in the testicles.

However, don’t worry as there are still many other ways to combat hay fever this spring:

  1. Monitor the pollen count

With the advancement of technology these days, we can now track the pollen counts through number of applications, such as a weather app. The weather app will tell you the number of pollen based on your location via GPS. It will help you to plan your day, whether to take extra protection, or avoid outdoor activities when the pollen count is high.

  1. Consume more Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the best natural antihistamines, and it is easy to be found in fruits and vegetables, or supplements. Vitamin C helps reducing the amount of histamine secreted by white blood cells. In a study, participants were given intranasal spray containing vitamin C, and were asked to use it daily. After two weeks, more than 70 percent of the participants have found decreased nasal blockage and secretion.

  1. Consume Horseradish and Garlic

In addition to the consumption of Vitamin C, both horseradish and garlic are known to relieve hay fever symptoms. Horseradish has been used to relieve mucus congestion and clear nasal passages. It also helps breaking down the mucus in order for it to be expelled easily from the body.

Garlic is an excellent source of quercetin, which is natural anti-histamine. It has been used for thousand years in increasing immune system, and helps relieving nasal congestion and help preventing the symptoms from getting worse.

These two ingredients could be easily added to meals, or consumed separately in the form of supplement.

  1. Try Chinese Medicine and acupuncture

As it was mentioned before, hay fever is caused by an over-reacted immune system of one’s body. It is triggered by the imbalances in the body. It is also caused by the weakness of one of the organs in our body; such as spleen and kidney. Spleen system is very important as it affects the ability of one in digesting and absorbing the nutrients from food. Kidney deficiency is very common these days, as most people tend to get stressed out and experience adrenal fatigue.

Chinese medicine will not only help relieving the symptoms, but also help addressing the underlying cause of one’s condition and treat it directly. Regular treatment will help re-balancing the yin and yang in the body, thus help improving one’s health and immune system.

Acupuncture is recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as an effective treatment that helps easing symptoms of hay fever. A research shows that those who experienced acupuncture improved the most compared to those who have antihistamines.

When both acupuncture and Chinese medicine are combined, it will reduce the symptoms frequency and intensity as the treatments are carried on. It will help strengthening the Qi flow, therefore improving the quality of life.

As each treatment and Chinese medicine formulation is tailored to each patient’s condition, it will attack the underlying cause, and help improve one’s immune system to not over-react to allergens.


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