Improving Fertility through Couple Meditation

What is meditation? Meditation is a practice where an individual focuses their mind on a particular object and enter into a ‘stillness’ state, from disturbed to peaceful state of mind. The main purpose of meditating is transforming the mind. It does not only change the brain, but it also changes… More

The Role of Genetics in Fertility

The role of genetics in infertility Infertility is a common disease of the reproductive system where a person is unable to achieve pregnancy after 12 or more months of regular unprotected sex. There are variety of factors which leads to infertility and one of them is genetics. Fertility problems are… More

How Exercise Affects Your Fertility

Many of you might be confuse is exercise has a good impact or bad ones to fertility level. This article will explain to you the benefits of regular exercise for women who want to conceive. However, there is also risk of infertility if one does too much exercise. Does too… More

5 Surprisingly Simple Habits that Enhance Fertility

  Monitoring your body weight Body weight is definitely one of the important factors that needed to be monitored during pre-conception for both men and women. Being overweight or underweight for women can cause either over-production or insufficient production of reproductive hormones. These hormonal imbalances may result in irregular ovulation… More